Group Work & Training

Group therapy is a powerful medium, in which a small group of clients are treated together as a group. Some of the advantages of exploring therapeutic processes in a group situation include:

Recognition of shared experiences
individuals realise they are not alone, and to an extent their situation is shared or universal

Helping others
Within the group, members are able to share experiences to help one another

Groups often contain members in various stages of development or various stages of their parenting or learning journey. Members can be inspired by others who have been through what they are facing.

Cohesion and modelling
As social creatures we can develop skills from modelling the therapist or other members and our desire to fit in with the group can help us to learn new behaviours.

A safe place for exploration
A group should be a safe, supportive space where participants can take risks by trying new interpersonal behaviours and ways of interacting, with supportive responses.

I facilitate various group sessions, and conduct training workshops for schools and professionals.